Nature is Big. Really Big.

There’s a great, wide, fascinating natural world out there. Spiderwebs and sticks. Beetle tracks and bird nests. Clouds and cormorants. Tiny Naturalist tools and toys build childrens’ interest and attention in nature. Help your kids discover the wonder of the big and the small —  from your backyard to the city streets.

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Tiny Occupy

I’ve been on business travel all week in our capital city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm. All things told, it’s a soulless town with very little to recommend it for a naturalist. (Urban wildlife identification in DC blunted by forced proximity to crowds of khaki-wearing, braided belt types.)

While I was away, I missed completely the launch of another “Aquapy” houseboat—this tricked out with white picket fence and all.

Though undoubtedly charming (and somehow oddly edible-looking with its pink whitewash and candy-striped roof) in the opinion of this naturalist the second voyage of “Aquapy” pales in comparison to the visual impact of…
 Moored for only a single day off the E 18th shore in early January, TINY OCCUPY established a significant presence on the lake despite its diminutive stature.

uh, yeah… Tiny Occupy was Hella Small

However, at only 18″ square and with a peak height of only 6″, I believe it was an unmanned expedition.

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

After spending a year ranting about the Tiny Naturalist, it’s been somehow a challenge to get started with commentary. Quite a bit of pressure — to determine the most appropriate topics for inclusion, particularly for first posting.

As Chorney rightly pointed out, the Tiny Naturalist missed a major opportunity to inaugurate with reportage on the Occupy raft that sailed Lake Merritt for a couple of weeks before the holiday. My photos of said flotilla (of 1) in full furl in the days leading up to the Port of Oakland shutdown were weak, blurry.

Occupy Raft, Lake Merritt

Aquapy Lake Merritt

Most often the raft appeared to be either:

a.) completely deserted and / or haunted. Like a Ghost Ship;

b.) occupied by occupy-ers hunkered down under 14 layers of hand-knitted blankets as a guard against the cold. Though this is California, I’m guessing a sailor’s life on the Lake in December is still pretty brisk what with the “lake effect” and all.



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