Worms are slow

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This bird ate a ground Cheeto in Point Reyes Station. Then it hid behind this fence in shame. Its beak was powdery orange. Nuclear.


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Drugs with dog

“Dog, if you puke on me I’ll break your neck.”

End quote.


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For H and Falla.


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6 seconds of dog

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We don’t got snow. Only snowy egret. Still and small.



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Lake Merritt doesn’t have starlings

This is far more compelling than her expression might suggest. I have watched this 400 times.

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More rabbits

They breed, you know.


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La Cucaracha

San Francisco has a wide range of streetlife oddities, none more upsettingly compelling than Omer Travers who spent at least 2 days a week drunk on cheap vodka, playing La Cucaracha over and over and over and over on a beaten guitar outside our apartment on Bartlett.

Endearingly, he also spent several weeks building a planter box for an ailing elm planted (and abandoned) by Friends of the Urban Forest out of discarded cinder blocks. He used dead leaves to compost the “mechanism” and would come by periodically to clear out street trash.

The tree did not survive despite his best efforts. I blame La Cucaracha.

Perhaps Arizona will be a more suitable clime for his warblings.



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